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The Lancaster Central Market–Experience Adventure 8 of 100

For our 8th experience adventure, my daughters and I visited the magnificent Lancaster Central Market.


The Lancaster Central Market is the oldest, continuously operating, farmers market in the country.  WOW!


Inside a beautiful and historical brick building, the Lancaster Central Market showcases approximately 65 stands where local farmers, bakers, makers and shakers sell homemade wares, local vegetables and ethnic food from around the globe.



Local shopkeepers own and operate family stands, which have been passed down through generations.  All sorts of things are available at the market, such as pickles, grains, dried beans, herbs, pasta, fresh juice, pretzels, farm-to-market produce, candy, bread, meat, pastries, seafood, milk, sauces, quilted goods and fresh flowers.  We also saw stands featuring Greek, African and Middle Eastern food.


If I lived in Lancaster, I would visit constantly.  This is my kind of place.

Fresh.  Organic.  Straight from the growers’ hands.

I only took a few, very controlled pictures out of respect for the many Amish vendors.






The girls and I enjoyed fresh juice from one stand and warm, Amish pretzels from another.  I bought beautiful broccoli sprouts and raw Brussel sprouts (surprise!) straight from the farmers that grew the produce.


Put this historic farmers market on your Pennsylvania must-do list.

Only a few stands accept plastic.  Bring some cash–there is one lonely ATM in the very back of the market.

The market is open year round on Tuesday and Fridays from 6 am to 4 pm and on Saturdays from 6 am to 2 pm.

The Lancaster Central Market is located at 23 North Market Street, Lancaster, PA, 17603.

For more information call 717-735-6890 or visit


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Cinnaholic–Experience Adventure 3 of 100


What is Cinnaholic??!?  Cinnaholic is the mecca of deliciousness–where an exquisitely handmade, heavenly dessert is created–tempting and luscious, indulgent and rich, melting and mouth-watering…and…and…and…It is a cinnamon roll!


GOURMET cinnamon rolls, um…YES, PLEASE!

My daughters and I visited Cinnaholic in Lancaster, Pennsylvania today and I am already craving and planning a return as soon as possible!



The “cinna” low-down and what you need to know:

Cinnaholic specializes in high quality gourmet cinnamon rolls.  Each roll can be customized to personal tastes with a variety of frostings and topping options.


Choose the simple version with just cream cheese frosting or go cinna-wild and pick your poison(s) from 20 different frosting flavors and 21 toppings.


Frosting flavors include almond (This is what I picked–DELICIOUS!), amaretto, banana cream (my daughter’s favorite!), butterscotch, cake batter, caramel, chai, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon, maple, marshmallow, peanut butter, strawberry and vanilla (my youngest daughter’s fav!)


Toppings…oh, the toppings!  Options include almonds, apples, bananas, blackberries, brownie bites, chocolate chips, coconut, cookie dough, graham crackers, Oreo cookies, pecans, pretzels, strawberries, walnuts and so much more!


The menu boasts more yummy goodies, such as brownies, cookie dough by the scoop, baby buns and cookies.


**Fun Fact:  Cinnaholic was on Shark Tank!  It is now a booming (and mouth-watering)franchise with 17 locations!  AWESOME!


The cinnamon rolls were made when we ordered–it took about 8 minutes for the hot, ooey, gooey goodness to arrive at our table.


I hope you are sitting down for this Fun Fact…

**Fun Fact:  Everything, yes EVERYTHING at Cinnaholic is VEGAN!  OMG.  I have died and gone to vegan cinnamon roll heaven!


The BEST thing about Cinnaholic is that all products are dairy and lactose free, egg free and cholesterol free!  And, DELICIOUS!  Seriously, I cannot even use words to explain the super yumminess…it is more like a grunt, drool, face euphoria…

Owners Shannon Michelle Radke and Florian Radke certainly know what they are doing.  Kuddos, my vegan friends!


This is BY FAR the BEST vegan dessert I have ever eaten!

Forget about that New Year’s resolution!  I beg you–Please search for the nearest Cinnaholic location and go enjoy some cinna-delicious indulgence!  You deserve it!


The Cinnaholic we visited is located at 1573 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA, 17602.  Hours are Monday-Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.  For more information, visit or call 717-517-7714.


That’s right!  Just like super amazing rock stars, we knocked out 2 experiences in one day!  And, we did it in the middle of a winter weather advisory, while schools were closing.  We.  Are.  Awesome.


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