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Cheese Making Tour & Tasting At Caputo Brothers Creamery–Experience Adventure 32 of 100

One of my favorite means of finding educational adventures for my daughters comes from good ol’ Groupon.  When I am not glued to the all-mighty Google search, I frequently type in different neighboring cities on the Groupon site and wait to see what the internet fairy brings.  Often, the results showcase unique experiences at a reasonable price.  Yes, please!  Sign me up!  🙂

I accidentally found our 32nd experience adventure on Groupon–a cheese making tour and tasting at the amazing Caputo Brothers Creamery–And we enjoyed this educational journey so much that we plan to return for a second time before we leave Pennsylvania.


The story of the Caputo Brothers Creamery began when owners David and Rynn Caputo decided to quit their corporate jobs to attend culinary school in Italy–a bold and exciting decision made while on their honeymoon!

After 6 months in Italy, the couple returned to the United States with a love for authentic Italian cheeses.  In 2011, David and Rynn opened Caputo Brothers Creamery, which is named after their sons, Giovanni and Matteo.



Through exceptionally hard work and dedication to traditional Italian recipes, the Caputo family’s passion continues to evolve and develop into one incredibly successful and DELICIOUS American dream (creamery) story.

Caputo cheese making is legit–This family uses the knowledge learned while in the south of Italy to create a one-of-a-kind product.  The milk comes from local farmers who follow strict animal welfare practices, which include non-GMO, grass feed for the cows.  The cheese making facility is a spectacular and interesting aging cave, modeled after Italian caseificios–right in the heart of Pennsylvania!

**FUN FACT:  Real cheese is lactose free!


Our 32nd of 100 experiences began with an engaging company synopsis and a super yummy cheese tasting lead by Rynn herself.  She explained the different cheeses, the cheese making process and happily answered all of the questions from the audience.



We sampled a variety of 6 unique and satisfying cheeses, fresh and aged, including a smoked mozzarella, which is smoked over dry hay in a cold smoker for 30 minutes.

**FUN FACT:  Provolone means “big aged mozzarella”.  Provolone is stretched before salted.  To make mozzarella, add salt before stretching.


Ricotta Salata Vecchio triumphed as my favorite.  In fact, my mouth is actively watering asI type and I think about that distinctively salty cheese!

Caputo Brothers Creamery produces the only fermented cheese curds that can be stretched into fresh mozzarella in the United States.  What?!?  Yep, it’s true.  And Rynn stretched a huge batch right in front of us!  Then, she poured some extra virgin olive oil over the chunks and encouraged us to eat it straight off the platter with some toothpicks.



Ladies and gentlemen, never in my 45 years have I ever tasted cheese as mouth-watering, delicious and creamy–REAL cheese tastes heavenly!

After all of the tasty snacking, David Caputo conducted a full tour of the cheese making facility, including the enormous milk storage tanks.  Rynn concluded the tour by sharing a glimpse into the aging cave and answering any lingering questions.  We were all given an ample, free sample to take home.



The entire experience took about 2 hours, but honestly, I could have stayed all day.  Both Rynn and David are personable and very inviting, as well as unbelievably knowledgeable and über interesting.  As an educational activity, this engaging tour ranks right up there with some of the best.

**FUN FACT:  Rynn Caputo graduated from Texas Tech University!

Even if you choose to forgo the Groupon tour (a decision you will regret, I promise), visit the Caputo Brothers Creamery retail shop which carries all kinds of fresh, enticing cheeses, Italian goodies, beautiful kitchen wares, unique accompaniments, olive oils and specialty items.   The retail shop is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.






Check out the Caputo Brothers Creamery website at to order cheese goodies online (YES!  They ship!) and take a minute to look through the super cool classes offered for us regular folks.  They even offer culinary tours to Italy!


**FUN FACT:  We have found Caputo cheese on 3 different Pennsylvania restaurant menus–all by happy accident!  In fact, our 28th experience adventure was a candlelight dinner at the Accomac, which proudly serves Caputo cheese!  Read all about that experience here!

Caputo Brothers Creamery is located at 245 North Main Street in Spring Gove, Pennsylvania, 17362.  For more information, call 717-739-1091 or visit the website where you will find their online shop and interesting cheese making demo videos!


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