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What’s the deal with needing rain ponchos at Disney?!?


7 dwarfs

My people.  In rain ponchos.



“Nicer” rain ponchos from Academy


I could probably sum up this post with one short sentence:

It rains in Orlando.



Cheap rain poncho from Walmart


Most people don’t like to get wet.

Got it.


But, until the human race learns to control the weather, it is best to be prepared for any kind of downpour when traveling to Walt Disney World.


Cheap rain poncho from CVS

So, what is my obsession with the rain ponchos!?!

First, let me tell you that Disney sells rain ponchos at every single park.  The Florida rain can come down in sideways sheets and it can sprinkle for only 10 minutes and the merchandising gurus know that guests will need (and buy) rain ponchos in an emergency attempt to keep dry while enjoying the theme parks.

If you like to enter the parks with no bags, you can skip this post and just purchase a rain poncho when it starts raining.

I hope you are right in front of a store that carries them when the storm blows through.


1 “nicer” rain poncho and one “cheap” rain poncho

Second, let me tell you that almost all rides continue to operate in the rain and a lot of people will leave the theme parks if the rain doesn’t subside quickly.  Do you see where I am going with this?



Cheap rain poncho


A rainy day at Disney is still a day at Disney!  (And maybe a less crowded day, too!)



Cheap poncho


Rain ponchos are serious business.

And, if it rains, we stay.



Cheap rain ponchos


For the pre-planners out there, this is how I handle the rain poncho situation:

I purchase 2 kinds of rain ponchos.  I call them the cheap ponchos and the nice ponchos.

Cheap ponchos are for the freak, quick and unexpected showers that usually occur in the afternoons.  These ponchos are thin, and well…cheap.  I usually buy these at the dollar store or drug store and they cost a dollar.  Cheap.



Cheap rain ponchos and super awesome kids


I pack 2-3 of these cheap rain ponchos per person in our travel party.  I put one of these for each person at the bottom of our park backpack and my husband carries it every day.  That way, we are never in the theme parks without rain protection. If we use a cheap one, we throw it away at the end of the day and put a new one in the backpack for the next day.



Cheap rain ponchos


Academy and Walmart carry thicker, more substantial rain ponchos and I purchase one of these for each person in my travel party.  These “nicer” ponchos only go in the backpack if the chance of rain is greater than 50%.  Otherwise, the nice ponchos stay at our resort until needed.  We reuse the nicer ponchos.



Nice rain ponchos




Nice rain poncho and cute husband


***Side note:  You can find both kinds–thin emergency rain ponchos and the “nicer” ponchos in the camping sections at Target, Walmart and Academy.



1 nice rain poncho, 2 cheap rain ponchos


Rain ponchos have other uses, too!

In a rain storm, use a poncho to protect your stroller.

A poncho is great to cover purchases, stuffed animals, souvenirs and food during a down pour.


Sit on a folded poncho as extra cushion during parades.

In a pinch, a poncho can help shield your skin from the blazing sun.

And, ponchos are great to use on water rides–wear them to protect your clothes or sit on one to protect your bottom from sitting in a puddle.




Help!  We need rain ponchos for Splash Mountain!


No rain ponchos on Splash Mountain–Oops!



Rain ponchos on Splash Mountain


What else should be on your Disney packing list?  Click here.

Where do I buy all of my super cool Disney shirts?  Click here.



Enjoy every day at Disney–even a rainy one!





A Not-So-Obvious Disney Packing List


Unless you live in Orlando, packing for a Disney vacation takes some serious thought.  Most activities require you to be outside for the majority of the day and let’s face it–the weather in Florida can be tricky.

My husband would tell you that I live and breathe by the mantra:

Better to pack it and not need it than need it and not pack it.

And, yes…I will admit that I have a tendency to over pack for our Walt Disney World vacations.  In my defense, we have desperately needed some of those extras and we were thankful we had them.

There are a TON of Disney packing lists available online.  But, what are some less-than-obvious items to pack?

  • 2 sets of rain ponchos per person  Click here to read more about rain ponchos.
  • handy wipes and a few wash cloths (Wet wash cloths stored in a baggie can wipe away all kinds of yuck.)
  • lip balm
  • empty water bottles (fill ’em up as needed–they are a lot easier to carry when empty)
  • trash bags (Sooooooo many uses!  I think I will do a post dedicated only to trash bags!)  And, here is my post with 12 uses for garbage bags at Disney!
  • Ziploc baggies (great for snacks, protecting your phone, keeping track of trinkets)
  • plastic food containers in varying sizes
  • snacks for kids AND adults (Peruse the grocery store for yummy treats for everyone in your party.  Homemade trail mix is a good choice. Adults get hangry, too.)
  • pain relievers, migraine meds, Tylenol, Band Aids, etc.
  • extra hair ties
  • feminine hygiene products (It never fails–EVERY.  SINGLE.  VACATION.)
  • back up phone batteries, portable chargers, cords
  • extra memory cards for camera
  • swimsuit cover-ups
  • Sharpie marker (for autographs)
  •  sunglasses
  • bag of quarters (if you plan to do laundry)
  • laundry detergent, travels size
  • sunscreen (yes, even in the winter)
  • at least 2 pairs of super comfy walking shoes (incase one pair gets wet or pack a pair of waterproof shoes)
  • extra socks
  • wp-1489081845101.jpg