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100 Experience Adventures–January Summary


By now, most of my readers know that my daughters and I are attempting to complete 100 experiences during our 6 month sabbatical away from our home in Texas.

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I am super happy to report we surprisingly completed 18 awesome experiences during the month of January and I kept a running list of the events and the cost for reference.

Below is a quick summary and each one is a clickable link to more information about the experience, in case you are curious. 🙂

Experience 1:

The Pennsylvania Farm Show (Free to attend, $15 for parking)

Experience 2:

George’s Furniture in Marietta, PA (Free to visit, we donated $20 for the personal tour)

Experience 3:

Cinnaholic, Vegan cinnamon rolls in Lancaster, PA ($28.04 for four cinnamon rolls)

Experience 4:

The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA ($8.40 for four tickets through Groupon)

Experience 5:

The Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA ($45.75 for three people to attend the lab class and the experience)

Experience 6:

Burning Bridge Antiques Market in Columbia, PA (free to visit)

Experience 7:

The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe and Stroopie Co. in Lancaster, PA (free to visit)

Experience 8:

Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster, PA (free to visit)

Experience 9:

Beiler’s Doughnuts in Lancaster, PA ($11.25 for 2 dozen doughnuts through Groupon)

Experience 10:

Sledding in real snow in Carlisle, PA (free!)

Experience 11:

Maymont in Richmond, Virginia ($12 for three tickets to the nature center and $15 “donation” for three people to tour the mansion)

Experience 12:

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia ($24 for three tickets)

Experience 13:

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA (free for military families, $10 for the audio tour for two people)

Experience 14:

The Prohibition Museum in Savannah, Georgia ($32.10 for three tickets)

Experience 15:

The Museum of Science and History (The MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida ($30 for three tickets)

Experience 16:

Hunting for fossilized sharks teeth in Nokomis Beach, Florida (free)

Experience 17:

Artisanal Spice Artistry Workshop at the International Festival of the Arts in Epcot, Walt Disney World ($166.16 for four tickets)

Experience 18:

Disney After Hours event at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World ($476 for four tickets)


What is next?!?

Many more adventures to explore in the month of February!


The American Prohibition Museum–Experience Adventure 14 of 100


Savannah, Georgia offers a ton of awesome places to visit–historical sites, meaningful monuments, yummy restaurants, cool bars and shopping opportunities galore.  My daughters and I drove through Savannah at the end of January 2018, and only had a few hours for a brief stop.  A total bummer for us!











(Currently looking for a good excuse to return!)  🙂

We crammed as much as we could into a few, short hours.  While we ate lunch, I did a quick search and learned that the American Prohibition Museum was just walking distance from our restaurant.  So, of course, we went.  🙂


The American Prohibition Museum opened in Savannah, Georgia on May 29, 2017, and highlights American history, pop culture and societal norms before, during and after the passing of the 18th amendment.  As America’s only museum focused on prohibition, the 2-story building features 5,500 square feet of interactive, hands-on exhibits full of historically accurate, alcohol related treasures.


**Fun Fact (or not-so-fun fact, depending on your personal views, LOL) : The 18th amendment was passed in 1919, and put into action from 1920 to 1933–almost 14 years!


Not only does the museum consist of 13 well organized galleries, it boasts 1,100 prohibition artifacts and 30+ realistic, life-sized wax figures.





**Fun Fact:  The first thing visitors see upon entering the museum is a beer truck from 1918!





**Fun Fact:  Carrie Nation was a hard-core, radical member of the temperance movement and opposed alcohol consumption long before prohibition.  To get her message across, she threw rocks, bricks and hatchets into alcohol serving establishments. That’s legit passion.


As the museum walks visitors through a self-guided tour of the early 1900’s, actors dressed in period clothing offer entertaining stories, historical facts, and interesting tidbits of information.  The characters interact with guests and answer questions, instantly bringing American history to life.  (My FAVORITE way to learn!)


Exhibits illustrate a time in American history when dividing opinions circled around the sale and drinking of alcohol.  The passing of the 18th amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale, transport, import, export, and consumption of all alcoholic beverages.  This law affected every citizen one way or another, especially those directly working in the industry.



All of the fascinating facets of prohibition and the side effects, consequences, and results of such a polarizing mandate are thoroughly represented.  This creates a completely immersive and impressive experience where visitors step back in time to walk among prohibitionists, whiskey runners, flappers, mobsters, and gangsters.





There is even a super cool area to learn the Charleston!  Seriously, that is cool.



As the historical experience nears the demise of prohibition, visitors find a door with a “hidden” secret.


Follow the directions and the door opens…to reveal a secret:

The Congress Street Up.


Even as a non-drinker, I certainly appreciate a museum with a bar inside, specifically a 1920’s-themed speakeasy.  Full of vintage signs, art and artifacts, a bar serving 1920’s cocktails (IN A MUSEUM!) is even cooler than the chance to dance the Charleston!  🙂


Finally, a small theater features a quick summary film to tie it all together.  Education Perfection.


From a historical and educational standpoint, the American Prohibition Museum is winning at all things that make a museum one of my favs.  It is comprehensive, interactive, and hands-on, with knowledgeable docents, interesting actors, relevant wax figures, awesome artifacts, including original propaganda posters, pertinent memorabilia, and historically accurate audio recordings, papers and film clips.  Oh, and there is a bar.  Hello.


Even though this is the only museum I have visited in Georgia, I am going to bravely state that this one is my favorite.  🙂

Put the American Prohibition Museum on the “Must-Do in Savannah” list ASAP.


The American Prohibition Museum is located at 209 W. St. Julian Street, Savannah, Georgia, 31401.

The museum is open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday.

Admission prices:  Adults $12 and children $9

Discounts are available online and on the museum website if purchased in advance.

For more information visit or call 912-551-4054.



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