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Snow Sledding–Experience Adventure 10 of 100


Friends, it is COLDDDDDDD outside!




Most of the country’s temperatures reached record lows this week and ironically, we experienced a snow day in Pennsylvania on the same day our hometown in Texas shut down due to ice/sleet/slurry/snow.  CRAZY!  CRAZY!  CRAZY!!!


Do you like my new cozy Darth Vader snow boots?


My daughters and I only call Texas home.  It is all we know.  Relocating to PA for 6 months–during the winter–is a super big adventure (and adjustment) for all of us.  We continue to learn new things every single day!


Obviously, the Gulf-Coast region of Texas misses out on all of the winter fun celebrated by children in the northern states.  My kids know about humidity and heat strokes, sunburns and sunscreen, hurricanes and flooding, mosquitoes and butterflies, and we often swim on Christmas day and wear shorts in February.

Snow???  Well…we are learning…



So, for our 10th experience adventure, we did something the girls have never, ever done!  We went sledding!


My husband was born in Ohio, moved to Texas, and then relocated back to Ohio for high school.  He attended college in New York and has lived in all kinds of snowy-wintery places (including Germany!)

He likes adventure and he knows his sledding stuff.



We left for the snowy hills of a fairground parking lot as soon as he got home from class.









Snowwwwwwww much fun!  (See what I did there?!?)  HA!






This counts as homeschool PE, right?  LOL

But, seriously, I had NO IDEA how challenging it would be to walk up that hill over and over and over again!  The struggle was real, people.




YIKES!  We counted it as our exercise for the day.  I mean, come on…we were SWEATING!


SUPER FUN–So much fun, in fact, the girls went sledding two days in a row!  I think it is our new favorite sport!




To warm up, we visited Denim Coffee for a yummy hot chocolate and a DELICIOUS, LIFE CHANGING corn cookie.  Yep, you read that right!  CORN COOKIE.  


Made with grainy, yellow corn meal, the cookie was salty and sweet and savory and delicious and everything I hoped it would be!  I plan to return for another one very soon.


We also found two of those Pennsylvania Historical Markers that we first learned about at the Farm Show.  Click here to read all about that experience!





Denim Coffee is located at 1 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013.

For more information, visit their website by clicking here. 

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Historical Marker program, click here.

Why are we doing 100 adventures?  Read all about it here!

Traveling to Houston soon?  Read this!

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