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The Turkey Hill Experience and Lab–Experience Adventure 5 of 100


Our 4th of 100 experience adventures lead us to the amazing National Watch & Clock Museum in the adorable town of Columbia, PA.  To read all about the horology fun, click here.  Because we traveled about an hour to get there, I wanted to check out some other cool places in the area.

A good Google search never disappoints a homeschooling mom.  When we exhausted all of the awesome time exhibits, we headed to our next stop.

Welcome to The Turkey Hill Experience, our 5th of 100 experiences!


A quick and tiny history lesson to get you all caught up:

More than 85 years ago in Pennsylvania, a man named Armor Frey started selling milk through personal home delivery and in 1947, three of his sons bought the business from him.  The brothers expanded the company in 1980 to include ice cream production.  As the popularity of the ice cream and the brand grew, the company added frozen yogurt, iced teas and other frozen goodies.  To read more historical details, click here.


The original milk delivery truck

Today, Turkey Hill products can be found all over the country.

The Turkey Hill Experience is an interactive, hands-on, and completely immersive destination, where people of all ages can experience everything milk, ice cream and Turkey Hill tea related.


Level 1 of the complex offers classrooms, lab space and a large gift shop.  Level 2 showcases all of the exhibits and activities.


Step back in time to the early days of milk and cream delivery and wind through the history of Turkey Hill–you can even sit in the original milk delivery truck!


For the 2nd time since we moved to PA, my daughters milked a mechanical cow.  A theme is beginning to emerge here.  LOL



One of my daughters is totally obsessed with milking the cows…I will let you guess which one.

Lots of interactive exhibits lead visitors through the building.  Taste and discover different teas–all you can drink!!!–from the unlimited and free drink dispensers. Eight different drinks were available.  (For you Disney lovers, there is no Beverly, fortunately/unfortunately. LOL)




Learn about tea and its origins.  Take a test to find out which Turkey Hill tea matches your personality.  I don’t know what kind of magical voodoo this interaction uses, but just by answering a few questions, the computer nailed me with Unsweetened Iced Tea–right on the money, little enchanted machine…though it did suggest a career as a tabloid news editor.  Apparently job placement is this exhibit’s downfall.  HA!




Moving through the history and tea areas brings patrons to the ice cream section.


Yes, I know.  Not vegan.

Cool and interesting exhibits include a smelling station, virtual ice cream making, the ability to create your own ice cream packaging (plus a commercial!) and a chance to step into a blast freezer!  BRRRRRR….



Virtual ice cream flavors, packaging and commercials can be accessed on the Turkey Hill Experience website using an individual’s code.

**Fun Fact:  Though vanilla ice cream reigned as the favorite flavor for years, buttered pecan took the lead as the winner recently.




We bought the Turkey Hill Experience plus the Lab, so at our assigned time, we headed downstairs to the classroom and lab station area–TO MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM!!!


The lab is a self-contained lab/classroom with long tables and stations around the perimeter.  Each station seats 2 people and a Turkey Hill ice cream master runs the class.


Our master ice cream maker was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  The lab was clean, organized and lined with candy dispensers.  I felt like I walked into a scene from Willy Wonka and completely expected Oompa Loompas to dance through the door at any minute.  The flavors!  The toppings!  The swirling sauces!  Oh my!






The master hand delivered every student a pint of creamy vanilla ice cream and then lead us through the ice cream making, flavoring and tasting process.







I loved the ice cream making process and everything the lab offered.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED EATING THE ICE CREAM!  I made cinnamon ice cream, with toffee bits, almonds and pretzels, swirled in some creamy caramel to create heaven on Earth.  It was DELICIOUS!

After the lab, we walked back to the exhibits and spent more time learning about milk and ice cream production at Turkey Hill.

Because we didn’t eat enough ice cream already (HA!), we indulged a bit more by visiting the FREE ice cream sample room–16 different flavors–and all you can physically eat!  Seriously!


The Turkey Hill Experience is located at 301 Linden Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania, 17512.  The hours of operation vary with the seasons, so for more information, check out or call 1-844-847-4884.

For the 3 of us to visit The Turkey Hill Experience and participate in the ice cream making lab, it cost $45.75.  Parking was free.


So, the girls and I have indulged in marvelous vegan cinnamon rolls here and over-eaten the delicious and creamy ice cream of Turkey Hill.  What delicious treats are on the experience menu for tomorrow?  I guess you will have to wait to find out!

Read all about our very 1st of 100 experience here!

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