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Burning Bridge Antiques Market–Experience Adventure 6 of 100


In the adorable town of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and less than 1/2 a mile from the Turkey Hill Experience, seekers of the past can step back in time at the Burning Bridge Antiques Market.

My daughters and I ate a late lunch at a local brewery located directly across the street from the market.  We all enjoy antiques, but one of my daughters harbors the soul of an 85 year-old man, so she really feels at home in such a place.  We walked over there as soon as we were done eating.


As a homeschooling mom, I think antique stores, shows and markets are wonderful opportunities to learn about day-to-day life, pop culture and history by studying and becoming familiar with American “artifacts”.  Plus, you never know when you might find a treasure!


In the late 1880’s, The Burning Bridge Antiques Market existed as a sewing factory and hardware store.  Though the 24,000 sq. ft. historical jewel has been preserved, a few conveniences were added for present day comfort. (electricity and restrooms)


Over 200 dealers and consignors share rare antiques and valued treasures representing a small slice of Americana.  Featuring 120 secure showcases and more than 70 booths, the Burning Bridge Antiques Market is enormous!





We found all kinds of interesting antiques and a diverse mix of fun and unique collectibles–turn of the century tools, old-fashioned kitchen appliances, mid-century furniture, vintage clothing, old books, heirloom jewelry and toys from the 1960’s-1980’s.






The Burning Bridge Antiques Market is located at 304 Walnut Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania, 17512.

The market is open every day and admission is free.

Mon-Wed:  10 am to 5 pm

Thurs-Fri:  10 am to 8 pm

Saturday:  10 am to 5 pm

Sunday:  11 am to 5 pm

For more information, please visit or call 717-684-7900.



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