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Four years ago, on February 13, 2013, I started my first blog called Our Extraordinary Journey.  It took me 2 years to post 11 entries–not because I had nothing to write about–but because I had TOO much to write about and my life was total chaos.  Writing was the last thing on my mind.

Fast forward to 2017, and I have finally accepted our extraordinary journey.  (Because I just typed that sentence, it will probably drastically veer off course and I will have to readjust again!)  Silly irony.



The K Squad.  My people.


I started this blog– Craving Dole Whip–to obviously share my love of vacationing at Walt Disney World. I love other things, too, and I plan to write about museums and educational experiences in the very near future.

But, I am not going to lie–I have felt unsettled about my little Craving Dole Whip blog–stressed, disconnected, stressed, unsure, and stressed (oh, did I say that already??)  And…I could not put my finger on why until this morning.

My super awesome husband (Hey, did you know we met in 2nd grade?!?) and I were on a walk, enjoying a morning bursting with AMAZING spring changes–blooming jasmine, tiny buds, bright green leaves, a gentle fresh breeze and the clearest blue sky…and I was talking about my weird feelings about Craving Dole Whip for the 107th time this month.

We are a good match.  He is super smart.  I am super organized.  There is a lot of respect between us–and a lot of support.  His strengths are certainly my weaknesses and vice versa.  The universe knew what it was doing when we both ended up in Mrs. Engleking’s 2nd grade class.

So, as I am lamenting about my disconnectedness, my husband totally talked me down off the ledge and suggested I write about our life experiences and journeys, which obviously, Disney is a HUGE segment.

I can totally write reviews and make packing lists all day, but if my readers (YOU!) don’t know WHY my family does certain things, or WHY we visit so many museums or WHY we homeschool or HOW my family is evolving or WHERE all of this is coming from, there is no chance of me EVER feeling connected to my Craving Dole Whip blog or my followers.

So far, I am just giving you directions.  Is that why I started blogging??  To just give directions???

My solution:  Reengineering backwards.  You all (my awesome followers) have a pretty good basis for planning a Disney trip.  I wrote about planning here and dissected the dining plan here.  There is a list of all character meals here.  And a not-so-obvious packing list here.  But, anyone can write those things. And, if you Google those topics, you will find about 3 million other moms that are just as Disney smart and just as obsessed.

What makes me different and why should anyone read my blog?  Well, that’s a great question.  The thing is, Disney isn’t the only thing we have going on in our lives.  It is just ONE of the things.  I have a lot of branches and a lot of thoughts and if you want to follow, I would love for you to stick around.  My family is pretty unique and you might be pleasantly surprised, fingers crossed.

Over the next few days, I plan to revive some of the posts from my previous blog and incorporate a little bit more of WHY Disney is so important to my family and how it fits into the way we live with a focus on experiences, events and personal growth.

Don’t freak out on me…I am not abandoning my Disney posts–I am just expanding to include a little bit more of what makes my extraordinary family tick…my experiences…our life events…our extraordinary journey, which of course, is multi-faceted and always includes a constant craving of Dole Whip.

It is probably where I should have started all along.

Happy Saturday, friends.




Author: jkoepplinger

Lifelong Walt Disney World fanatic, homeschool goddess, traveling momma, lover of butterflies, museums, Brussel sprouts and Dole Whip

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