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12 Reasons To Take Garbage Bags To Disney


We are Disney junkies.  And through the years, I have developed and put in place a strong plan for if/when it rains while we are enjoying the Walt Disney theme parks.


Rain ponchos are the #1 item on my Disney packing list.  It rains every time we travel to Orlando and I am NOT going to let a little rain dampen our Disney fun!


Click here to read about my obsession with rain ponchos.

Even though rain ponchos are my #1 Disney item, something odd comes in a very close second place.  So…what is the #2 item on my Disney packing list???

Garbage Bags.  Yep.  Garbage Bags.

Classy choice, I know.

Garbage bags are sooooooo perfect for vacations, I could almost give them the #1 slot on my Walt Disney World packing list.

WHY garbage bags?

They are very cheap, fold up easily, exceptionally light weight, difficult to break and super water proof.  Garbage bags are the perfect theme park backpack stowaway.

Throw 7 or 8 garbage bags in your suitcase and put 3-4 in your theme park bag.  You won’t regret it.

12 SUPER AWESOME uses for this odd item on your Disney packing list:

1. Water ride protection.  Sit on trash bags to protect your bottom from puddles.  Cut a hole for your head and wear the trash bag to protect your clothing.  Cover your bag, purse or shoes, too!  Throw it away once you exit the ride or save it for when you ride again!


2. Make-shift rain poncho.  If you don’t want to purchase rain ponchos, garbage bags make great rain protection in a pinch.  Just tear a hole in the sealed bottom for your head (and arms on the sides, if you want)


3. Stroller protection.  Garbage bags can be used to cover your stroller during a downpour, keeping fabric nice and dry.  Garbage bags can also protect your stroller from getting too hot in the summer heat, shading the hard plastic and metal pieces from direct sunlight.  Garbage bags can easily be used to quickly cover bags, purchases and personal items in the stroller basket when you leave the stroller to ride something fun.

4. Purchase protection.  Wrap and cushion breakable purchases with several garbage bags, while in the parks and in your luggage when returning home.



Keep your souvenirs safe and dry!


5. Dirty laundry.  Garbage bags are great receptacles for dirty clothes.  Hang one in your resort room to catch previously worn clothing and keep the dirty separated from the clean.  Then, take the bag to do some laundry or pack it for the return home.

6. Wet swimsuits.  Or shoes or socks or undies or clothes.  Whatever gets wet!  To keep wet items from ruining other things, keep it separated by placing in a protective garbage bag, either in your theme park bag or your luggage for the return home.



Swimming at the Polynesian Village Resort


7. Mat for parades.  Most theme park guests sit on the concrete to view parades and fireworks shows at Disney.  Sit on a garbage bag instead of sitting directly on the concrete, especially if it rained earlier in the day.

8. Table cloth.  If it’s been raining, use a garbage bag to cover wet outdoor tables or benches.

9. Cast protection.  If someone has a cast or brace or walking boot, wrap it in garbage bag to protect from rain and splashes from water rides.



Yep–She broke her ankle 3 days before our Disney vacation.


10. Electronics safekeeping.  Protect cell phones, tablets, cameras and games from rain, sun and theft by storing inside a garbage bag for safe keeping.

11. Stuffed animal conservation.  It is impossible for me to count how many very loved and very important stuffed animals have enjoyed Disney in the arms of my children.  Use garbage bags to protect these important family members from rain, water rides and spilled drinks.

12. Sickness bag.  I put this one last because hopefully you never have to use garbage bags for this reason. But, you never know.  Motion sickness from spinning rides, stomachaches from too many treats and crazy viruses are all real possibilities, unfortunately.  Better to be prepared, just in case.



Too many treats at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall?  You decide…


To see my not-so-obvious Disney packing list, click here.

For a list of every character meal at Disney, click here.



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