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The Good and Bad News About Disney


So, here is the deal:

Wanna know the good news and the bad news about Walt Disney World?

Disney changes every day…


That’s it.  That’s the good news AND the bad news!  Quite simple, I know.


Disney World does an AMAZING job at implementing new experiences, creating new parades and shows, building new rides and evolving with our ever changing world and technology.  And, some of these changes take place over night!  The 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 20+ resorts and hundreds of restaurants that make up the Walt Disney World property offer new adventures so often that it keeps Disney lovers like my family coming back time and time again.  I LOVE new Disney stuff to explore!

However, these changes make it difficult for any one person to have a definitive answer to some questions.  For example, my last Walt Disney World trip was during January of 2017.  I am writing this post on February 15, 2017.  I have been home from our vacation for 3 tiny (and depressing) weeks. Since my return, Disney has completely changed and relocated the opening procedure and welcoming show for Magic Kingdom AND they raised park admission prices.  LOL  Those are significant changes!

Park hours, shows, parades, pricing, and even menus can change over night and seasonally.  What was true in January may or may not be true in June.  So, keep that in mind when you seek out answers online and on social media.  I LOVE that Disney is not stagnant and I encourage you to ask questions and always, always, always call Disney to verify.

Author: jkoepplinger

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