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A Not-So-Obvious Disney Packing List



Unless you live in Orlando, packing for a Disney vacation takes some serious thought.  Most activities require you to be outside for the majority of the day and let’s face it–the weather in Florida can be tricky.

My husband would tell you that I live and breathe by the mantra:

Better to pack it and not need it than need it and not pack it.

And, yes…I will admit that I have a tendency to over pack for our Walt Disney World vacations.  In my defense, we have desperately needed some of those extras and we were thankful we had them.

There are a TON of Disney packing lists available online.  But, what are some less-than-obvious items to pack?

  • 2 sets of rain ponchos per person  Click here to read more about rain ponchos.
  • handy wipes and a few wash cloths (Wet wash cloths stored in a baggie can wipe away all kinds of yuck.)
  • lip balm
  • empty water bottles (fill ’em up as needed–they are a lot easier to carry when empty)
  • trash bags (Sooooooo many uses!  I think I will do a post dedicated only to trash bags!)  And, here is my post with 12 uses for garbage bags at Disney!
  • Ziploc baggies (great for snacks, protecting your phone, keeping track of trinkets)
  • plastic food containers in varying sizes
  • snacks for kids AND adults (Peruse the grocery store for yummy treats for everyone in your party.  Homemade trail mix is a good choice. Adults get hangry, too.)
  • pain relievers, migraine meds, Tylenol, Band Aids, etc.
  • extra hair ties
  • feminine hygiene products (It never fails–EVERY.  SINGLE.  VACATION.)
  • back up phone batteries, portable chargers, cords
  • extra memory cards for camera
  • swimsuit cover-ups
  • Sharpie marker (for autographs)
  •  sunglasses
  • bag of quarters (if you plan to do laundry)
  • laundry detergent, travels size
  • sunscreen (yes, even in the winter)
  • at least 2 pairs of super comfy walking shoes (incase one pair gets wet or pack a pair of waterproof shoes)
  • extra socks
  • wp-1489081845101.jpg

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