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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning A Walt Disney World Vacation


So…you wanna go to Disney? 


Get a spiral notebook and start asking yourself these questions:

1.  What time of the year do I want to travel? 

–Consider work and school schedules, personal celebrations, weather, seasonal pricing

2.  Who is going on this awesome trip?

–Number of people will determine which hotels and resorts can accommodate your party.

3.  How am I getting there?

–Driving?  Flying?  Renting a Segway?

4.  What is my budget?

–It’s a bummer question, but it is a necessary evil.

5.  How long am I staying?

–You can’t live in the castle, so eventually you have to go home.

6.  Any special needs or requests specific to my travel party?

–Think about food allergies, mobility concerns, specific challenges

7.  Which parks do we want to visit?

–Disney World has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks.  Do you want to see it all or just focus on your favorites?  Do you need Park Hopper?  FYI:  Universal is NOT owned by Disney and if you want to visit Universal, it is a completely separate thing.

8.  Do I want to stay at an on-property Disney resort or do I plan to stay off-site?

–This decision will affect your transportation options.

9.  How do I plan to eat?

–Let’s face it—food is super important to the human race.  Consider if your party will benefit from using the meal plan.  Do you prefer quick service meals or enjoy sit down, table service more?  Are you seeking character interactions or quiet, romantic settings?  Will you have access to a kitchen?  Do you plan to bring snacks, food and beverages to the parks?  Seriously.  You gotta eat.

10.  Do my Disney pants still fit?

–Oops!  Sorry! That’s a question I need to ask myself.


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